Spinning is an excellent way to improve endurance. This comprehensive indoor cycling program can be tailored to suit a wide rage of abilities and fitness goals. Riders participate in energizing, cycling-inspired rides that help achieve the mind/body connection that is needed to obtaining optimum physical fitness and health. Be ready to sweat!

Abs/Core Work
If you have always wanted a firmer, stronger midsection, this class is for you! Specifically designed to condition your abdominal muscles, beginners and veterans will find this class beneficial and challenging. Training of the abdominal area is achieved with traditional sit-ups and by adding movement while concentrating on stabilizing the abdominal area.

Cardio Kickbox
Cardio Kickbox is a high calorie-burning workout. It combines aerobic concepts with traditional martial arts, self-defense and boxing. Easy to follow! No complicated choreography! Classes are designed to provide students with a safe and effective cardiovascular workout that will develop overall endurance, coordination and stamina. In addition, concentrated muscular resistance exercises to condition and strengthen the abdominal area, upper and lower body.

Pilates/Mat Work
Based on the method developed by Joseph Pilates, Pilates/Mat Work allows you to dramatically reshape and redefine your body. This mind/body conditioning method focuses on alignment, balance and efficiency of movement. You can lengthen, strengthen and tone your muscles without joint stress. Pilates is effective because the body and mind must work together to achieve overall fitness.

Body Conditioning
This class is all about getting you stronger. This class is designed to provide you with a complete body workout. You get push-up, squats, sit-up, back work, bicep and tricep work. In addition, you get plenty of stamina challenging exercises. Be ready to work, really work!