About me...

I am Sergio Novoa. I have been involved in fitness since I was a teenager, starting martial arts - Chinese Kenpo Karate - at the age of 16, achieving my black belt in 1997. In addition to studying martial arts, I also swam in high school and studied Thai Boxing for five years. Most recently, I have been boxing and have resumed swimming again...a triathlon is my next goal.

I began fitness as a career in 1998 and since then have expanded my skills to include Personal Training and Group Exercise: Cardio Kickboxing; Spinning┬«; Pilates; Body Conditioning and Abdominal Training. I am currently certified by Aerobic and Fitness Association of America; National Academy of Sports Medicine; American Council on Exercise; Johnny G. Spinning®; Pilates Institute of America; The Pilates coach; Turbo Kick; Resist-A-Ball; and Egoscue

My involvement in the fitness industry has changed my life in many ways. Personally, I have been able to tap my own potential. Even better than that, I have been able to help my clients realize their potential. This is by far the most rewarding job I have ever had!

My philosophy...

Working out is more than just looking good...an improved physical appearance is the added perk you get by challenging yourself. The human body is by far the most intelligent thing ever created; therefore, it needs to be valued and treated as such. My promise is to take you to that next level by providing you with a complete personal training and nutritional program specific to you and your short/long term goals. My entire focus is to get you to your goal!

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