One-on-one training with Sergio was both a fitness and learning experience. Sergio takes the training seriously and he truly teaches you about fitness and nutrition. He challenged me all throughout our workouts and I got in the best shape I've ever been in. I was able to lose 72 lbs. before my wedding. If you're serious about reaching your goal, Sergio is your trainer.

Sheila D

Sergio's classes should come with a caution - "Warning: May be habit forming". His classes are innovative, fun and invigorating. He draws from a vast array of styles (Pilates, weight training, kick boxing) and he creates classes that work every inch of your body. He keeps you hooked by constantly changing the routines and finding new ways to challenge you. I was amazed at how strong I got after only a few weeks and my muscles started to define! The best part is you don't ever realize how hard you are working because the classes are a blast (with lots of great music too). I highly recommend any class he teaches. At my gym, we are all extreme Sergio fans!

Christa D

I have had training sessions with Sergio, and I truly enjoy being able to take my workouts to the next level. There's only so hard you can train by yourself but with Sergio you can push yourself until you "see the light." He is a joy to work with and a great personal trainer. I highly recommend him as a trainer.

Antar I

I never considered hiring a personal trainer when I first joined my gym. One complementary session was included in my initial membership, so I thought "it's just one session". My expectations were not really high as I felt that I didn't have much to learn.

To my surprise, it was the hardest workout that I ever had. I remember Sergio giving me the lightest dumbbells he had and I thought to myself, "You're joking! By the next day, I was so sore that I could barely walk straight. I decided to buy some sessions and give it a try. On our next day, Sergio asked about my goals, and he discussed his plan of action. He stressed to me the importance of consistency with my diet and my workouts.

His steady guidance throughout the different phases of training were key to changing my appearance. Personally, I feel that I would have never pushed myself this hard on my own. I especially love the way I feel after a workout. I have more energy, and feel more confident in everything I do. Training is something that I'll never give up. Thanks for your dedication in helping me reach my goals.

Victoria R

I used to dread working out before I met Sergio. But now, it's the best part of my week. Sergio not only makes it fun, but he makes sure you see results. He got me in great shape right before my weeding!

Audra I

By the time I started training with Sergio, I had belonged to Crunch fitness for over half a year. I had always intended to get some personal training sessions, but frankly didn't know how to find a good trainer. Sergio helped make the decision an easy one. Despite having met him only briefly during my first month at Crunch, Sergio would frequently come find me out on the floor- sometimes just to say "hello", and sometimes to offer tips on whatever exercise I was working on. Following his suggestions, I increased both the number of exercises at my disposal, as well as the variety of muscle groups I was developing.

When I was finally ready to get serious about reaching my fitness goals, I didn't have to think twice about who to ask. After describing my goals in detail, Sergio implemented a new, and challenging training regimen and a daily diet to maximize the benefits of my workouts. Far more importantly, Sergio knew ho to motivate me during my work out so that I wouldn't be intimidated by the challenges set before me. We had ideal balance between a work out plan that was frequent and intense, but not overwhelming.

But all of this would be incidental if I wasn't getting the kind of results I was looking for. So it was with great satisfaction that my sister, who was unaware that I had even been going the gym, looked at me one night at dinner- did a double take- and asked "have you been working out? It really shows!"

By the time my training with Sergio came to an end, I felt stronger, more focused, and knowledgeable enough to continue training on my own. I'm still working on reaching my goals, and though my priorities change from time to time, I know that Sergio gave me the tools to reach my various goals. And even if I get lost, or stumble from time to time, its nice knowing that I've got a friend at the gym who will take a moment to help me out- not because he's hustling, but because cares about his clients.

Thanks Sergio!

Ron L