Strength training is one of the components needed in order to achieve optimum physical fitness (in addition to cardiovascular training and flexibility).

Benefits of strength training include:

  • Increase muscular strength and endurance
  • Increased strength of tendons, ligaments and bones
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis
  • Helps decrease body fat and increase lean body mass
  • Positive changes in blood cholesterol

How to get started:

  • Set a goal (short/long term)
  • Make a workout schedule
  • Design a workout plan to workout the entire body

Get the most out of strength training:

  • Overload: in order to improve any of the body's system (like the muscular system) that system must be made to work harder than it is accustomed to (frequency, intensity and duration). By overloading, you are guaranteed to see results (of course this will take some time).

Tips to help you stick with your strength training program:

  • Remember your goal: workouts should be designed to help you achieve that goal.
  • Change your resistance load: as soon as you get stronger, increase weight or repetitions (depending on your goal).
  • Change your exercise: try a new routine every four to six weeks.
  • Change your exercise order: change the order you workout each muscle group.

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